New leather corset!

by | May 27, 2005

I forgot to mention that my new custom corset arrived from Stormy Leather the other day! Yayyyy – I have to admit I got a little bit “distracted” sniffing the beautiful leather when I took it out of the box 😉 Gee they were fast – it was supposed to take 6 weeks but I only ordered it a couple of weeks ago… Hmm I guess that balances out the Goddam Apple Centre keeping my poota for two weeks! bastards

Anyway – I wore the new corset in session along with my leather cap (and a skirt you perves!) – My sub commented on how great I looked – he’s a sweetie – someone I’ve been seeing for more than 5 years.

Last night was another hot outfit in session – my new latex uniform dress from Vex along with the same officers cap – omg – I think vanity can be a bit of a besetting sin of many Mistresses! I kept looking at myself in the mirror thinking “gee I look hot” – hehehehe – lucky my little piss pig agreed with me – but then I guess he would!

I saw an adult baby today also – someone new – I actually enjoy these sorts of sessions – they’re something very different to the “usual run” of Mistress sessions. When I was at SK there were only a few of us who would see Babies – but I find them rather sweet 🙂 This one had a short half hour session which worked out really well – though of course being me I end up spending a fair bit of time afterwards chatting, but that’s the best thing about being independent – no one is keeping track of me!

I really have to organise to do a photoshoot or two with all my new outfits and some of my cool new equipment – might as well show it off!

Oh – and in other news… I have another cock locked 😀 One of my slaves is back in the CB3000 for a while – last time he was in for a week – so this time I think he’ll have to suffer for a bit longer before I use that lovely little key…

Which of course reminds me of beltmeplease – who is still in chastity! Lucky he didn’t need any emergency release while I was in the States! Hehehehe – though I suspect I could have let one of my friends know the secret key location if he’d contacted me with a good excuse to be released….