San Francisco!

by | May 10, 2005

I arrived in SF on Sunday afternoon, this time I’m staying with friends who live in a quiet little out of the way place called Castro Street 😀

Yesterday was fabulous – but it’s very lucky I don’t live here or I would shop myself to death!

Firstly went to the Mission and checked out all these really amazing murals that there are… all so very different – some political and some just beautiful (which is political too really).

Then called my friend Mistress Minax who is also in SF from Chicago. She’s been teaching a Dominance intensive workshop with Cleo DuBois which sounded like it was great. We hung out for ages – and went SHOPPING – Oh my Goodness….. I spent so much money – but I think all the things I bought will be very well put to use at home!

I bought a heap of really cool new toys at Mr S and an amazing Vex latex dress at Madame S and then went to Stormy Leather and ordered a custom leather corset (after trying on about half the shop, I decided to go custom!)

We spent hours and hours trying on beautiful fetish wear and playing with wonderful wicked toys – it was fabulous…

We then went back to the house where Minax is staying and relaxed from all the heavy shopping with a few glasses of wine (yumm)

Today I think I’ll try not to spend any more money! Maybe take a ferry ride or something touristy like that… the sun is out and it looks beautiful. Though my heart is pining over a certain pair of fabulous opera length bondage mitts that I’ve actually wanted for a long time and are on sale at Mr S *sob*