by | May 1, 2005

Well the cold winds in Chicago have gotten to me and I have a cold! Blergh… mostly held under control with a large array of otc medicines from Wallgreens. Which is a very strange place to an Australian – food, stationary, drinks, plus all the usual stuff we’d expect to find in a Chemist… and a bit more!

Other than that I still think Chicago is fabulous… There are so many trees covered with blossoms and big plantings of tulips around also very beautiful – a lot of the houses seem really cute too – like gingerbread cottages!

I went to Mistress Maya’s fetish night at Exit on Thursday night – that was a lot of fun – I ended up having a big chat to Mistress Minax who lived in Melbourne for a while – we really seemed to have a lot in common – I think she’s going to be in San Francisco at the same time I’m there – so hopefully we can meet up again for a coffee and a proper chat without the usual night club yelling that goes on.

Leaving for New York tomorrow – hopefully my cold will be finished so I don’t suffer too much on the plane!