Still no poota 🙁

by | May 31, 2005

Waiting on a(nother) new logic board… noone else I know has had so many problems with their ibooks – I think I bought a lemon rather than an apple! It’s a shame becuase all my experience up until this last one has been fantastic – apple hardwear has always been super reliable.

Mmmf – anyway in other news I heard there’s a sale at Reactor – maybe I should see if there is anything in xtra-large for a certain rubber slut I know! I love heavy latex sessions, where both myself and the sub are in full rubber including hoods… mmmmm

I was just commenting in a thread on Max that turned to that perennial favourite “topping form the bottom” – I don’t usually have much trouble with it happening… of course there are a few reasons for this maybe what I consider “communication during session” is what other Mistresses think of as a negative thing, or maybe I don’t notice or remember… actually that’s probably likely – I tend to have a really bad memory for negative things which isn’t always good 😉

Or I could just be SUPER DOMME and am so perfect and intuitive that no one ever needs to top from the bottom… hehehehe – or maybe not 😉

Sunshine is beautiful today (and yesterday) but it’s pretty cold – well not cold in comparison to Chicago in spring – but plenty cold enough for me!