Still no puter 🙁

by | May 24, 2005

Well the apple shop is still in possession of my ibook – so it’s internet cafe time for me! Which would explain why I had about 50 emails waiting for me – blergh… so if anyone hasn’t heard from me – that’s why – just give me a call!

My first week back at home was great – I had several fantastic sessions in a row, which just went to remind me of how lucky I am to be home! First session back was my “naughty nephew” – who loves to be given a serious thrashing on his bare bottom with my cane… Next was someone new – who mentioned he had a shoe and boot fetish 😉 hehehe – I asked if he’s like me to change footwear during the session – and then brought out about a dozen pairs of fetish boots and shoes and one pair of sneakers! Much fun and trampling followed 😀

The next day was a fabulous heavy latex session – I wore my new Vex uniform dress – which I have to say is so super sexy! I put him in stockings, catsuit, shorts, mini dress and hood so he was completely enclosed in shiny black rubber as a total latex slut for me to play with…. Glad to see that the huge bottle of eros came in handy for polishing. Then he was encased in the vac-bed for final rubber torment…

I then got to spend many hours with dear mssslut – starting at lunch in Newtown and going through to some hotel fun after a beautiful dinner at Salt. Between times there was plenty of boot woship, some play in my new leather suspension harness – and a *lot* of corporal punishment. I think I “ran the rack” of implements – including of course all the new ones I bought back from the US.

So all in all way too much fun!

Capped off with Inquisition 13 on Saturday night!

I saw a lot of friends there – which is one of the main reasons I love that particular party so much – it’s so intimate but huge – and considering that was my 8th one, I recognise a lot of the people there from previous parties!

I wore my chain mail bra top and split leather skirt – as usual for parties I tend to the practical over super glam as I like to be able to dance a lot!