Sunshine in SF

by | May 12, 2005

Well I’ve been having a lovely couple of days so far here in SF – pretty much having a proper bit of vacation and enjoying tourist stuff like going to the farmers market and gourmet food shops at the ferry terminal. There was an honest attempt to go visit Angel Island but sadly there’s only on boat a day and we missed it!

More shopping of course, I bought a new Whitehead Gag and an enormous thing of Eros lube (that I use as latex polish) at a store in the Castro and then wandered up to the famous Good Vibrations to check it out – leaving of course with more stuff! Eek

Actually that’s one of the reasons I’m so very ready to come home. I’ve bought so many new toys and I can’t wait to try them all out on my subs!! From super erotic sensation toys to yes – another singletail – and also replacing a few items that are a little “tired” at home like my favourite nipple clamps and gag.

I also have new outfits from boots to cap!

I’m missing Underworld – and I’m trying to imagine where I’m going to put all my new stuff… I guess I can always just add a few more hooks on the chain – or move the floggers and things I don’t use so often downstairs to the catacombs…

Just hoping I don’t have to pay for excess luggage!