by | Jun 14, 2005

I saw my “naughty nephew” again today – he’s so nice – and always so full of compliments – funny, I tend to shrug off compliments on my appearance but lap up those on my skills… It’s interesting what is severe to whom – he takes full force cold caning – but usually only 48 strokes – it’s all over very quickly… for others the long slow build up is very important.

There’s an interesting thread on Max Fisch at the moment about “real humiliation” – the sub in question is looking for deep psychological breaking not just the more simple/fun blend of squirmy embarrassment that is the most common form of humiliation play. Of course this is very much an edge play activity – but obviously has a lot of appeal to judge by the responses.

In case anyone is wondering – I’m still haunting internet cafes… I think they’ve eaten my ibook – blergh it’s been a month!

Which is why my website hasn’t been updated – I want to put up some new photos, details of new toys, some links to new friends etc etc but I havn’t been able to sit down and write stuff out… so everyone will have to keep waiting!