anal bleaching….

by | Jun 28, 2005

I don’t understand this – watching rove and there was some footage about anal bleaching – why the hell would you do that? To be honest – I see a lot of boy’s bottoms, and I can’t say I see the point of anal bleaching. Anal waxing yes – very keen on that (or shaving) much nicer… but I can’t say I even notice the colour…

It seems like there is always a new way to feel insecure about your body in our culture (though I don’t think anal bleaching has reached Australia yet) – either that or I should just stop watching tv… I had The Swan on earlier – a terrifying show where they take an attractive but insecure young woman and turn her into a scary Stepford Wife – they all seem to have the same procedures – lipsuction everywhere, breast implants, a chin implant, bleached hair (and maybe anuses – but they don’t show them on tv), and a scary formal dress….


But in happy normal life – I had a couple of cool sessions today – both with new people which is a change for me. One was more a slave training, bondage, cbt sort of session – which was extremely fun and included quite a bit of posture training… I’ve formalised a lot of my ideas on slave posture training and am having a lot of fun incorporating that into my sessions.

Later on was a fun foot fetish session – lucky I’d had notice and had worn my stockings several times to ensure an aroma – well of sorts – I don’t really have very smelly feet. But something is better than fresh out of the packet at least.

I had a lovely offer for dinner – but decided to be lazy and go home for take-away curry and a beer (with the scary bad tv!) My little siamese cat has been insane too – running around like a madcat and jumping on everything.