Busy busy – still no poota

by | Jun 5, 2005

I have been super busy this month – well it’s only been a few days, but even so …

What has been happening… umm – lots of caning, lots of trampling, lots of g/s 😉

On Friday I had a couple of sessions – one of which was with a sub I’ve been seeing for many years – who lives overseas, in fact he’s never lived in Sydney at all but always seemed to organise a flight that went via Sydney 😉 our session on Friday included a lot of very fun things; suspension, nipple torture, inner thigh caning, foot caning, bondage, playing dress-ups, anal, singletail to the balls, golden shower and of course lots and lots of teasing! It was *very fun*!

And I got to see him again today! This time with my friend Ms Fleur de Lys, who is an erotic submissive to entice poor slave to take a very severe caning on his bottom (which had been spared earlier)… As always she was perfection itself – we play well together and I think that her erotic mix of innocence and naughtiness was fantastic (as did slave) The motor had failed in one of my vibrators (really) and I wondered if she were at fault – her idea was they would turn themselves on – hehehehe… At the end he had to pleasure her while I caned his bottom very very severly….

It was such a hot session!

Saturday night I got to play with someone new who knew me from Max Fisch and was spending a few days vacation time in Sydney – which seems like a strange time of the year to visit – cause I think it’s cold, but apparently it’s not that cold as far a most people are concerned!

Happy to have the gas heater in the dungeon – and the air conditioner in the back… I can make the whole place toasty – but it can take a bit of time! Otherwise it’s just a warm dungeon as the gas heater is instant gratification as far as warmth goes 😉