Bye weekend 😉

by | Jun 26, 2005

Such a lovely day today…

I made a big yummy breakfast/brunch then had the session with the sub who’d not managed to make it in before – first he had to cancel, then I had to cancel, then he had to cancel… when he rang me today I was half expecting him to say something had happened – but instead we finally ended up playing!

It was good fun – a nice mix of different activities – and I *really* enjoyed using my strap-on o his nice pink spanked bottom- hehehehe.

Then I went in to Radical Leather with a friend who had to pick something up – and bought myself a new belt – nothing too exciting – just plain black leather, but at least my jeans won’t fall down! I managed not to buy anything else – which is amazing for me as I usually leave with lots of sexy new stuff – but I have something cool on it’s way from SF for me, and I’m also still trying to be a little bit sensible – at least till next financial year (oh hang on – that’s next week!)

I was planning on going to Manacle to catch up with friends, but went to a different pub instead for one quick drink and then off to Newtown to pick up some dinner supplies and to browse in a music shop – I love scrounging on the discount table. I bought Sinead O’Conner, Ella Fitzgerald, Tom Waits and the soundtrack to Reservoir Dogs – oldies (and very oldies) but goodies 😉

Oh – and a Mistress from Germany who I’ve known mostly from Max Fisch gave me a call for a quick chat – she’s been playing with one of my subs and rang to give me a heads up on how he behaved!

Now I’m having a big evening veg with tv and yummy mulled wine!