Cold feet!

by | Jun 27, 2005

Well I finally have pedicured my poor toes which have been looking rather scruffy of late… why the delay? Well when you have wet nail-polish you can’t wear shoes or socks or fluffy slippers because of smudging the polish! So brrrr – I’ve been too keen on my creature comforts to beautify my toes 😉

However – I really don’t like the sight of my bare toes so I have cracked out the polishes and painted them… at least the wood fire is pumping out the heat at the moment so I’m not suffering too badly 😉

I had a fun session today – I love using my new suspension harness from MrS in San Francisco – its ideal for experiencing the thrill of full suspension, without taking the time of rope suspension (and without leaving any marks whatsoever)… and how fun to torment a poor sub when he’s dangling in the air!!

I have to admit to being a terrible “gear snob” – I just can’t resist spending money on toys, often expensive ones at that! I’m the same with other things too – if I’m going camping, I want the lightest, smallest, warmest whatever… it’s not quite the same thing as being a label-whore (or is it?) looks at make-up bag…. oh – maybe it is!


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