Day off!

by | Jun 11, 2005

Hehehe – I had a very domestic day off today… since losing my bullmastiff about a month ago I’ve been thinking about possibly getting another dog – not to replace her, but to fill the “dog job” – ie provide security, cuddles, walks etc etc. I went out to look at some puppies today – instead of a purebred (Buffy had 8 Australian champions in her bloodlines and died at 4 and a half) I thought I’d look at some rescue puppies – they think that they’re Rottie cross… anyway they’re very cute – more details when they come to hand!

Because the puppies were out the back of beyond (well it is to me!) I stopped at Parklea and bought some more fish (tetras etc not eating fish) and some veggies – then on the way went to the new shopping centre at Rhodes. Hmm – they have a very big Ikea – which I love! Strangely enough one of my favourite things in my dungeon came from Ikea – the revolving mirrored cabinet… it’s fabulous…

Nothing for the dungeon today though – just a couple of lamps and some bits and bobs… but I think I’ll go back out and get some curtains – always good to help with the sound proofing!

Okay – finishing cooking dinner – leek and lentil lasagne – it’s Very Yummy!

I’ve got quite a lot coming up next week – hopefully another session with Fleur – someone was a little inspired by the session I did last weekend and wants to experience something similar… hehehehe I will have to report back! Maybe I should organise to do some photos with Miss Fleur to put on the website so everyone has an idea of how enticing she is….