by | Jun 10, 2005

Hehehe – I’m knitting a jumper (US trans. sweater)! It’s stripey and good 😀 I’ve been knitting for a couple of weeks – last time was when I was still in high school!

How did this occur? I was looking in a shop in Newtown and saw some cute stripey wooly jumpers – which were $280! Eep… I thought – surely I can do that… and guess what – I can! Knitting is a lot easier than I remember from when I was a teenager – but then I couldn’t do intricate bondage, or piercing or caning in those days – I suspect I’m more co-ordinated now… as long as the things stay still that is – I can’t catch a ball if it’s thrown and don’t ask about the frisbee incident of 2003!

As ms-deense can attest – knitting is quite a calming activity….

The funniest thing was recently – I was at the dungeon and my sub had just called to say he was running a bit late – so I sat down at the kitchen table to knit a couple of rows… picture me – long leather skirt, new leather corset, knee high spike heel leather boots, peaked leather cap, spiked collar, stripey knitting! I had taken off the elbow length leather gloves as I’m not quite dextrous enough to knit in gloves…

I may have to get some photos taken!

Oh – and another bad habit I picked up from a canadian (this time in SF) – poutine… For those who are blissfully unaware of the most evil food on the planet – it’s hot chips with cheese and gravy… and is sooo good! Apparently the version I had originally (made by a Canadian in San Francisco) isn’t “real poutine” according to the various websites I’ve looked at because it was made with shredded cheese not curds – but that’s how I make it and it’s very yummy.

But so unhealthy!

In other news – I’ve been very busy with the usual 😉 lots of fun sessions including another overnight one.

I also had a couple come in to hire the dungeon again – they seemed to have a “lot” of fun playing with all my stuff… and of course being somewhere where there are no innocent bystanders! Just me – but I don’t think I count in that way at least 😉 I actually spent most of the time they were playing sitting in the garden in the sunshine – it’s been perfect winter weather – crisp and lovely. But cold enough at home at night to have a fire – lucky I ordered a load of wood – even if I did get a splinter stacking it and had to perform emergency surgery with a needle – that’s an up-side of being a pervert – always having plenty of sterile needles on hand 😉

Next time I’ll get a sub to stack the wood!