Fun and not so fun….

by | Jun 19, 2005

Some good bits and some not so great this weekend…

Last night there was another couple in to play in the dungeon – well I say a couple, but they were having a special occasion and there were a couple of other people there to witness the sub’s presentation. Very nice and I’m glad that they enjoyed spending time in my dungeon and that the atmosphere added to their occasion.

Then I went to the party that Ms Victoria was co-hostessing with Gina (now know as Conrad) – I used to work with Gina at Salon Kitty’s, it was great to see her again – except of course we have to get used to her being in boy-drag these days as Master Conrad (check out his page on the SK site by the way – cool!) Party was much fun – I dragged along a friend of mine and ended up seeing lots of other people there that I know! (waves to J &A who had a special occasion too) I didn’t really get up to much mischief – but I did get my boots worshipped and several people saw me nearly swoon – well I just can’t help being a pervert!

The not so great side – I had a disappointing conversation yesterday… but meh – these things happen… AND when I went out to the car this afternoon to go to the dungeon it wouldn’t start! Luckily I had the sub’s number in my phone and could call him back and let him know that I wasn’t going to be there… the funny thing is that he had cancelled an appointment himself a few days ago (for reasons beyond his control) – so now we’re hoping for third time lucky 😉

Waited for the NRMA and it was just a dirty battery terminal – thank goodness it wasn’t anything I’d done (like leave the headlights on)…

Finally made my way in and found the doorbell wasn’t working – hmm – changed one set of batteries, still not working… it was a sneaky little battery in the other bit – anyway I walked up to Officeworks and got a replacement and it rings again!

The session I didn’t cancel was with my other chastity slave – he was begging for release, I think he’d started to find the experience quite challenging 😉 I took pity on him – this time!

PS: in case anyone was wondering – timmie is the best girl 😛