Irritating callers…

by | Jun 17, 2005

Usually I don’t write about things that annoy me here – I tend to think that it’s better to focus on all the good bits rather than the annoying bits of life…

However sometimes I just have to have a whinge…

ring ring
Me: Hello
Him: How much do you charge for an hour?
Me: Have I seen you before?
Him: Yes
Me: Well then you’d know how much I charge wouldn’t you!
click from his end

now I don’t have any problem with people asking how much a session costs – it’s a prefectly reasonable question… but wouldn’t it be more polite to say “Hello Mistress, my name’s george I wondered if I could ask you a couple of questions” Perhaps I took rather too harsh a line with this person – but really, manners don’t cost anything!

Of course I understand that calling a Dominatrix can be a bit confronting – and usually I’m very patient – it’s just those sorts of calls that put me in a bad mood. I know that people want the basic information – where am I and how much do I charge… but they just need to play along with the hello part first to get a friendly response from me!

Oh – and another thing – I really don’t like “are you working this afternoon”, what’s it to you! Maybe I’m working on some new copy for my website, or shopping for new outfits or equipment (the hardest part of my job), or engaged in a session with someone I actually like! How hard is it to say. “Hi Mistress, I was wondering if you had any time available for a session today” adding “I’m sorry for the short notice” will usually get you brownie points too 😉

Of course now I will have scared off a lot of people who were here reading my diary and picking up the courage to call – well don’t be scared – just remember to say hello before launching into questions and I promise I’ll be very nice – well until we meet in person that is 😉