Banking – shopping and some fun!

by | Jul 21, 2005

Well I did my banking today, which means in my books that I get to do more shopping! 😀 Of course I don’t think my accountant always agrees with me on that front – but hey – I just love spending money on cool kinky stuff 😉

When I was in New York, I bought a single polished claw from purple passion – I had occasionally used them when I was at Salon Kittys – and had originally thought of getting the full set, but was talked down to one.

Bah I say! And so today ordered the full set! Oh – and a couple of copies of some dirty magazine that was there too – ummm – heavy rubber I think… and a spandex hood – why you ask? Well I already have two leather hoods and three latex hoods so I thought I NEEDED a spandex one…. umm – yeah… needed…..

I’ve also been cruising ebay – but I suck at ebay so hardly ever get anything 🙁 plus I’m still waiting on the shoes that I paid for a week or so ago – where is the instant gratification I ask? Maybe I just need to have a constant stream of shopping coming in so I’ve always got cool parcels to open!

And – I sent back my bloke size catsuit that someone bought me in the hopes of a girl size one…

Plus I had a session this morning that was good fun (for me) – heavy humiliation and lots of anal stim… I don’t highlight humiliation as a specialty of mine – but it is an area I have a lot of experience in – and can be lots of delicious squirmy fun 😉