by | Jul 14, 2005

Hehehe – I got accused of being diabolical yesterday in my fabulous extended session – the sub in question will take cp, but doesn’t enjoy it… at one stage – I put him in bondage lying comfortably (but very restricted) on my bondage table – his bottom very exposed! I took a cane and rested it on his bottom – the deal was – if he could get out of the bondage, he wouldn’t get caned – if he was still there when I got back then I assumed he wanted the caning!

I even played very fair – I came in to tease him a few times, but gave him over half an hour to wiggle himself free… but he was still there. After the dozen strokes (see I am kind!) and the removal of the gag – I was accused of being diabolical!

Later there was more lovely bondage, mummification, cbt, needles and a very happy Mistress!

Later that evening one of my foot slaves came to see me with a present! A fabulous pair of bright red 6″ heels… that’s 6″ no platform I’ll have you know… my feet go straight down – they’re very difficult to walk in – but so sexy and after a few minutes practice I was handling them with ease…

Today was good – but rather stressful – I had early hirers, important phone calls and then had to quickly race over to badpauly‘s to check on advertisement he was designing that had to go in that day. It looked fabulous! And I even managed to get another discount on my already slashed fee (they were being disorganised) 😉

Hirers ran late – putting me into a bit of a tizz as I had a session arriving and I didn’t want any embarrassing mix-ups at the front gate! However I managed to sort it out so that didn’t happen and then spent several hours with a new “slave for the (half) day” – it was a shorter version – but still very fun! Play time plus a few chores…

I’ve got to get up super early tomorrow morning to pick my Mum up from the airport – ergh – next time someone says “Oh no – don’t worry I’m arriving much too early” I’ll agree with them!