Fun day 😉

by | Jul 18, 2005

Well I’ve had a couple of long sessions in the past two days – yesterday I had a play/lunch/play date and today I had a “slave for the day” session.

Slave sessions are very fun – and something quite different – a mix of what I want done (clean dungeon, polish leather, foot massages etc etc) and play that both the sub and I enjoy (bondage, cp, g/s, cbt etc)… So for example today the slave was put in metal cuffs with chain joining them and a rope body harness and was then told to scrub the skirting boards in the dungeon as a start to the day… 6 or so hours later and he was released again.

I also had a short school boy session during the day – so slave was locked in the gaol cell to polish some of my leather while able to just overhear the spanking and swish of the cane!

Now I’m just trying to catch up on email – sigh – it seems to back up so quickly sometimes!

In other news – I finished the new Harry Potter book! It was very fun – and I’m quite surprised at some of the things that happened, but would hate to leave spoilers!