new stuff & day off

by | Jul 25, 2005

I took a day off yesterday and did domestic sort of stuff… bought new appliances, grocery shopping, went to the movies (Sin City – fabulous looking but very gory!) it was such a beautiful sunny day – well the last few days actually…

On Saturday I went and had lunch (before a session with my “naughty nephew”) with my Mum at a nice little Vietnamese restaurant in Dulwich Hill – I then walked over to the dungeon – past the Salvos store… which had a heap of stuff that had been dumped out the front while the shop was closed (in contravention of their sign) – anyway there were a couple of toilet chairs! One of which had to come back with me… however I did ring the number on the sign and will drop some $$ into them later this week…

I have to say the corner of Marrickville Rd and New Canterbury Road is an awful lot further when half carrying a toilet chair than walking! My arms were so sore by the time I got to the dungeon – it has wheels on two legs – so it can be pushed, but you have to lift the back up.

Anyway – I used it in session today – and it was great! Much better than the perspex box one that I was used to at Salon Kittys, which is the reason why I never bought one… I was able to “aim” much better – and also found the height, and the comfort fabulous 😉

So yay!