So busy!

by | Jul 29, 2005

Well I’ve got lots to report on – and have been super busy lately…

Lots and lots of fun – including a great all day session that started with slave’s clothes being soaked by me and then slowly sliced off with a knife – moved to slave dressed as a latex fetish maid eating out of a bowl on the floor by my side with plenty of other amusing play as well 🙂 very fun!

What else – lots of stuff! I picked up a parcel from post office today with my lovely lovely claws! Yayyyy — I had a moment of fear that customs would steal them from me (like they did my electric fly/slave swat), but PP had amusingly listed the contents as “metal nails for theatre” – hahahaha it made me think of naiyah‘s traditional dance claws 😛

Yesterday I wore my new 5″ heel black patent slingbacks for the first time with my trampling, g/s other fun stuff slave – he’s got a passion for high heels with no platform – which I am learning to love as they really provide a wonderful elegant line – though I still love the pure dominating height I get from 8″ heels with towering platforms…

A friend of mine who works in a conservative business environment came in to voyeur the session – it was the first time that she’d ever been in so she seemed a tiny bit shocked, but rather excited 😉 I think slave found it wonderfully squirmy humiliation to have to perform in front of her!