Very fun day 😀

by | Jul 3, 2005

I’ve had a busy fun day today!

I had someone in to see me first thing this morning (9.45 – well it’s early for me anyway!) which was a fun cp session – mostly otk spanking which is something I always love.

At the same time I had organised my maid kellilasub to come in to do some chores – however someone’s in a bit of trouble for forgetting to bring the uniform – plus a few other misdemeanors – I can see I’ll have to bring out my cane to help keep the mind focused 😉

I dropped over quickly to see my Mum who’s off to Cambodia for a couple of weeks on an art/culture tour thing…

And then back to the dungeon for another very cool cp session – this time with a lot more implements – including the cane of course! Plus I was brought a beautiful bottle of wine which I am really looking forward to drinking – yumm – bribery will get you everywhere 😉 – well not really everywhere – but it will sure make me smile!

Later on in the evening I had a training session with a friend of mine from America who was teaching me some very cool new things. Then a yummy dinner at home.

Happy sigh – what a great day – lots of spanking – some fabulous caning – wine – new skills and terrorising my poor maid!