Voyeurs and a strange dream

by | Jul 20, 2005

I’ve had a very busy couple of days – including two different voyeur sessions – one tonight with a girl who’s never seen any of the things we did before, but who was totally fascinated! I’ll have to write a bit more about her when I hear back – I thought she should have some time to decompress before I told everyone how young, cute and curious she was 😉

Session itself was very fun too – included a lot of my favourite things – bondage, g/s, the cane, vac bed, nipple torture – it was a couple of hours and really went “woosh” because there was so much to do!

I’ve been very busy – which is a good thing of course cause I get grumpy if I don’t get to play enough 😉 I keep thinking of cool things to write about and then I don’t… (looks at diary) – like I saw one of my favourite cross-dressers yesterday – he’s always so fun – this time I put him in my latex maid’s outfit, which I polished up more than it had ever been before with lots of eros! Once my latex-fetish-maid was dressed “she” was sent into dust the mantelpiece in the dungeon, but somehow ended up bent over in her heels, skirt flipped up and my strap-on ravaging her! Hehehehehe

Oh – and the dream? serpentine_kiss mentioned a shoot in a luxe hotel and I had a quick look on ready rooms to see what was around (lots of cool stuff is the answer) – anyway I had a dream about that this morning… I think I was tying up lots of cute girls in the dream – and then doing some wild sort of watersports thing in this huge luxurious bathroom…. there were a heap of people there… It was cool – but for some reason I was feeling anxious – maybe I was worried about bad photos!

Anyway – hope it comes off – should be good fun 🙂