Well that was fun!

by | Jul 1, 2005

Last night’s expedition was a resounding success I have to say! We went to Pure Platinum which is a table-top dancing club in the CBD.

Now I’ve never been to a “strip club” before – so I was a little surprised by how un-sleazy the club was… It was great fun, the dancers were very beautiful (not one set of fake boobs among them). Not long after we walked in – we were joined by a very pretty English girl for a chat – I explained that we were there to torment beltmeplease who had been locked in a chastity device for 6 months… at first she didn’t believe us…

However ms_victoria and I decided that more torment in terms of a private show was in order – so our beautiful English Rose put on a show of incredible eroticisim teasing poor beltmeplease until we thought he was going to pass out! At this time – while I couldn’t show her the CB3000 I tapped it with my nails so she could hear that it wasn’t just a story… Once she knew – she became totally facinated with the idea of having men locked up! And she upped the intensity of the teasing! Poor slave had to be reminded to open his eyes as he tended to squeeze them shut to try and lock out the incredible images in front of him!

After the private show we returned to the main part of the club to watch the general shows – and there was our beautiful dancer doing the most amazing pole routine! Such an amazing combination of athleticism and eroticism…

So did I let him out later on….