yesterday today 🙂

by | Jul 27, 2005

I had lunch with a friend of mine today – pub grub and a good chat 😉

Then this evening I saw a bondage aficionado I’ve been seeing almost as long as I’ve been independent. This was the first time of all the times we’ve played that I used almost no rope! I focussed on other styles of bondage for a change – particularly leather bondage – as I’ve been using my beautiful opera length leather bondage mitts a lot lately… they have a shoulder harness piece that means there’s no way to pull them off… so they really really add to the restrictiveness.

My leather suspension harness has been getting a good workout too – and to think I almost didn’t buy it!

See – just goes to show I NEED all that gear I keep buying 😉

Though at the moment I’ve been splurging on some stuff for my “girls” – I recently got a pvc mini dress on ebay in a size 18… plus a fabulous new maids outfit – all I have to do is wait for them to arrive!

Oops – wrote this entry yesterday and didn’t post…

Anyway – today should be very fun – I have an all day session! I’ll have to report on what I get up to.