by | Aug 24, 2005

One downside of being so glamorous – I hate it when I wake up with sore feet! But I guess about 7 hours in heels will do that 😉

I had two fabulous sessions yesterday – both involving lots and lots of caning 😉 and both with people I really enjoy spending time with.

First was a sub of mine from Canberra who is totally charming and very fun – he’d been overseas for a couple of months – so was long overdue for a good thrashing! Which I proceeded to administer with great relish!

After session I rushed off to Dulwich Hill shops to get a snack and ended up having to walk back to the dungeon as the car wouldn’t start… lucky for me I delegated the whole NRMA thing (thanks timling) so I was only a little bit late to start my fabulous extended session with ozibootslave

I wore my new DeMask catsuit! Yay – it’s arrived and it fits!!!

ozibootslave bought it for me when he was in London – and we had to send it back as they sent me a men’s size 3 instead of a women’s!

However it arrived on Friday – and both fits and looks amazing…. well if you like tight shiny black latex catsuits… it’s a total classic – high neck, long sleeves, zip through…


The session was pretty fabulous also – a “tour de force de pain” as my evil massage therapist used to say when digging her bony elbows in somewhere painful!

I ran the rack on his back from soft flogger to braided cat to single tail (with many in between) and then caned his bottom and then pierced his nipple with 19g needles…

Then we went to dinner (he was wired to remote control vibrators) 😀 and then to slave’s hotel room to have room service dessert and some more gentle play…