Big night!

by | Aug 28, 2005

Well last night was my overnight session with ozibootslave, he’d been locked in a collar since tuesday night and had sat through his conference wearing slutty panties on a sore, striped bottom!

I was in a much more “mellow” mood than on tuesday – so no catsuit (much to slave’s disappointment) and no more heavy discipline – instead we played nice (well nice for me), went out for dinner (with vibrator and corset under the suit) – home again at the dungeon I put him in slut regalia with corset, pvc dress, thigh high boots, stockings and wig for some relaxing boot worship on my lovely leather boots….

There was lots of other stuff over the course of the night – including some time in the latex body bag and of course lots of nipple torture!

Then this morning – as I was cleaning up feeling rather wrecked I discovered that the washing machine has died! Nooooo

Rotten thing – I think it’s been on it’s last legs for ages…

Boo hisss

Today – I had a couple of naps and then watched LOTR 1 and 2 – I’d owned the TT for ages but hadn’t watched it… so that was a fun flobby thing to do.

Someone was ringing me all day – but I’d decided not to answer the phone as I might not make a heap of sense – I’m terrible when I’m tired! Probably should have just turned it off… however I did sms to say “sorry – not taking calls today”.