Busy few days and the current meme

by | Aug 19, 2005

Beer and thai food make a happy me 😉

I’ve been sooo busy the last few days – I’ll try and recount the highlights some time soon. But in the mean time, here’s my take on that meme everyone’s been doing!

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2. Pass it on.

1.~How did you meet ozibootslave? on his knees at Salon Kittys 😉
2.~What would you do if you had never met asrei? not kicked siimon’s arse at Rubber Ball
3.~What do you honestly think of mirans? she’s a sweetie
4.~Would or did aetherisch and mistressfi go out? nope
5.~Have you ever liked ozgenre? Yes
6.~If master_flea died tomorrow, what is one thing that you would need him/her to know? don’t try and top me – it’s never going to work!
7.~Would abiuro and ange_sang make a good couple? ahh – maybe – I can see them ganging up on someone else more – with sharp things
8.~Describe timling in 3 words: cute, little, feisty
9.~Do you think freeq is hot? yes
10.~Would master_flea and wise1sush make a lovely couple? no
11.~What do you think of when you see mistressfi? Yay!
12.~Tell me something humiliating about ange_sang: I couldn’t say…
13.~Do you know any of escapade52‘s family members? nope
14.~What’s kellilasub‘s favorite color? Servalan coloured 😉
15.~On a scale of 1-10 how cute is b0rken? pretty cute
16.~What would you do if beltmeplease just professed their undying love for you? not as such – but I did keep his bits locked up for 6 months!
17.~What language does aetherisch speak? alphlish
18.~Who is grey_evil_twin going out with? felix
19.~Is mordwen a boy or a girl? a giiiirrrllll
20.~Would kellilasub and beltmeplease make a good couple? hahahahahaha – just so long as I have both sets of keys!
21.~Who do you think miss_anathema would be great with from this list? she’s already got the best boy (without an lj)
22.~When was the last time you talked to freeq? umm at grey_evil_twin’s birthday karaoke
23.~What is ozgenre‘s favorite band? Queen
24.~Does abiuro have any siblings? I don’t know
25.~Would you ever date escapade52? hehehe – well not date exactly – but I’d smack his bottom any time
26.~Would you ever date timling? Yis
27.~Is miss_anathema single? no
28.~What is kellilasub‘s last name? sworn to secrecy – but it begins with a B
29.~What is kellilasub‘s middle name? don’t know
30~What is mirans‘s fantasy? lots – but one would involve a big trip to America!
31.~Where does mordwen live? Smellbourne
32.~Would you make out with ozibootslave? he can make out with my boots any time 😉
33.~Are asrei and escapade52 best friends? no
34.~Does timling like kellilasub? yes
35.~How did you meet kellilasub? at a slave relay
36.~Is freeq older than you? I don’t think so…
37.~Is wise1sush the sexiest person alive? nearly