by | Aug 16, 2005

My new claws are proving very fun… I used them in conjunction with electrical which was very fun! By themselves they are very sensual and only a little scary 😉 but combined with the violet wand it’s a bit more intense!

I used them in a very fun session the other day … it contained bondage, nipple torture, cbt, and lots of other fabulous things 🙂 Like my humbler – which certainly lives up to it’s name…

At the end I mummified my sub in black pallet wrap – and after tormenting his cock and nipples – turned him over and cut a lovely flap out from his bottom! Just perfect for caning 😉

So several of my canes were applied – and it was very novel to have the rest of his body totally encased – with just a little white/pink/red bottom poking out!

Hehehe – all great stuff 😉