I like it when I get what I want!

by | Aug 11, 2005

Strange the way things work out – I posted here how I felt like doing some piercing… and then this afternoon someone called wanting to come in for cbt and nt who enjoys needles.

Now this wouldn’t be strange if he had seen my post – but he doesn’t use the Internet for naughtiness – has never seen my site and doesn’t even know I keep this diary….

So it was the Universe providing me with what I need – or at least that’s what the hippies would say – not sure if nipple piercing is what they have in mind however!

End result a very happy and contented Mistress 🙂 of course it wasn’t all needles – I violated the poor boy in lots of different ways; catheter, fisting and lots of naughty teasing went on too….

Plus one of my “schoolboys” (who is well into his 70’s) came in to be bent over my school desk for a good taste of the cane! I love how he wears grey shorts and a shirt and tie – he really does look like a schoolboy – well a very senior boy anyway 😉