New outfits for the “ladies”!

by | Aug 3, 2005

Well my new ebay interest has paid off! New outfits for my cross dressing wardrobe arrived today!

First – a super short pvc mini dress from Honour in London – for those who fall into the naughty sluts department.

And then – a new maid’s outfit! (I already have a nice latex maid’s dress)

This maid’s uniform has 10 pieces! But not all of them are all that fantastic – but still – it should look great all together…
The satin dress (black with white lace of course)
The petticoat
Black satin panties with while lace ruffles (and a cute bow on the back)
Little lace wrist cuffs (x 2 of course)
Lace and satin headpiece
Black stocking socks with white bows (x2)
White satin apron with lace trim
Ribbon chocker

I think I’ll replace the stockings as they’re basically knee-highs – I’ll probably get another good pair of opaque thigh-highs and sew the pretty white satin bows onto them… oooh – sew – that will be impressive 😉

So – who wants to be the first to wear one of my new outfits?