Night night

by | Aug 1, 2005

I had a nice day off today – I went out to the farm in the Southern Highlands and brushed a pony or two (of the equine sort) and saw lots of birds that seemed to think that spring was only just around the corner! I guess all that t-shirt sunshine will make you think that 😉

Dinner with a few friends very yummy saffron risotto (and lots of wine!) – and I’m catching up with a few other people over the next few days – I can get very lazy about keeping in contact with my friends – it’s easy to go from busy to busy without making time in the diary to see people…

This week I’ve got some “white space” so I might get a few things done – but my experience has tended to be that space can fill up a lot faster than I’m expecting….

One thing I want to do is some medical shopping – maybe a few different enemas and of course some piercing supplies – I haven’t had a lot of piercing subs in lately – maybe I’m just not trying hard enough to convince them 😉 – I always have plenty of lovely boys baring their bottoms for my cane!

I am expecting some “puppy” news over the next few days – so keep your fingers crossed and I will make sure to keep everyone updated!

Cryptic huh….

Oh no!

Mean and snobbish… you think! hahahahaha
You are a cat. A very sarcastic person. You see
life as one ironic twist after another. You
like to spend your free time contemplating on
how annoying the people around you are and you
are very smart and intelectual, because of this
people tend to think you’re mean and snobbish.
Try to look at the brighter side of things now
and then.

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