The dog ate my….

by | Aug 6, 2005

power supply!

In case anyone was wondering why I’ve been MIA 😉 Chloe ate my power supply and I haven’t had a chance to get a new one… she’s settling in well – the cats are keeping her in line!

In less domestic news I’ve had a busy few days – it’s always so nice when someone I haven’t seen for a while comes in… that’s one of the downsides in a way of what I do – I do form attachments to my subs, but of course the professional relationship is such that it’s not usually appropriate for me to know what goes on outside of the dungeon. Which is all well and good most of the time, but occasionally I don’t see someone for ages and I wonder if everything is going well for them. Usually I’d suspect that they’d be doing something good – new partner, job overseas or whatever…

Occasionally I’ve got emails from people saying goodbye – which is very thoughtful… as I do often think about my subs and wonder how everything is going. Not in a needy way, more just a curious/friendly way.

Highlights of the last few days include lots of latex goodness 😉 – catheterisation – lovely rope – nipple clamps galore – and a session with my friend Fleur again!

The session was very fun – I’m really enjoying doing sessions with Fleur – she’s so much fun and such a fabulous intuitive person – she can always add an extra bit of pure eroticism to lighten the tone of a session… I also brought in a male slave of mine for part of the time – for some “forced bi” activity that was also very exciting.

Plus of course grey_evil_twin‘s birthday karaoke extravaganza where master_flea revealed a surprisingly good singing voice and an unsurprising talent for stealing the show!