The training commences

by | Aug 26, 2005

Well my dear kellilasub came in today for a “getting to know you” sort of session – that included maid training, posture training, caging, bondage, and of course a good caning!

Being kelli – there were lots and lots of photos take at every stage to document what was occuring – hopefully s/he’ll post some soon to show the transformation to sissy maid and what happens to those who can’t remember their posture training or who walk into the wrong room!


Hehehe – very fun of course – and I am really looking forward to the on going training of kelli – and task one of course was rather intimidating of course seeing what’s just happened to beltmeplease!

That said – anyone interested in having a sissy maid help out – I have a great interest in the Maid in America program – and possibly developing a branch here… miss kelli may be the first maid in service!