You shall go to the ball!

by | Aug 14, 2005

Well Rubber Ball was fabulous – Tim Woodward from Skin Two was there taking lots of photos of all the revelers…

I had a few friends over for drinks and polishing beforehand – including the super talented serpentine_kiss (who borrowed my sexy DeMask waist cincher) and her friend – as well as shiny boy beta_agonist, grey_evil_twin and felix_femme who sadly weren’t coming to the ball, my boy, little timling in leather and flannelette pyjamas, my friend non-lj Ken…. and a film maker who’s doing an interesting ad-buster style project he wanted to talk to me about… (but which we didn’t really get to discuss). ms_victoria was sadly incapacitated so didn’t attend drinks or the Ball 🙁 as was badpauly

The ball itself was very fun – there were some amazing outfits – my dear friends the brunette and blonde Latex Princesses were there both there with their handsome husbands… as was Mistress Ariel from Melbourne – who’s a lifestyle Mistress with some very similar interests to myself (latex, chastity, tormenting boys)… the lovely Miss Bliss and a zillion other beautiful people!

Salon Kittys did a fantastic show – involving one of my dearest mentors Mistress Mia – I had a quick chat to her afterwards… which was fabulous…

Basically there were a lot of very beautiful fetish clad people looking amazing!

It did finish early for a Sydney Party (3am) – but I was quite happy to retire to the dungeon and relax for a bit before sleeping! It makes a change from staying out until midday the next day!

Well done to the promoters for another fabulous Rubber Ball – I heard rumors that there may be a Melbourne Rubber Ball – so I will have to make sure to visit if that does go ahead 😉

Today was spent having coffee and maybe a beer or two at the local pub 😉 had a quick drink and chat with my mate cubboy who met my lovely new puppy!

All in all a very fun and relaxed weekend – and if anyone’s been calling me – it was one of those weekends I turned off the phone 😉