20 random things…

by | Sep 13, 2005

The meme gakked from everybody…

20 random things about me

1 – I love broccoli but despise cauliflower
2 – I am an only child
3 – I have never spent more than a week at a time in a city other than Sydney
4 – I have been a vegetarian for more than 20 years
5 – I only started drinking beer about 3 years ago
6 – While my dungeon must always be pristine with everything in the exact place, I am a slob at home!
7 – My least favorite housekeeping task is changing sheets
8 – I like cooking
9 – I wish I liked bananas (but I hate them)
10 – Even though I’ve been a Mistress for so long – I’m still a prude about some things
11 – I have almost no good “normal clothes” – everything is either glamourous fetish wear or grungy workout gear
12 – I like indoor climbing
13 – While I love dancing, I have “dyslexic feet” and am incapable of learning dance routines
14 – I’ve read constantly since I was about 4 and usually read several books a week
15 – I have hyper-mobile joints so am very flexible
16 – I was once a blonde (but not for long)
17 – Buffy (who died a few months ago), was my first dog
18 – I was in a state fencing squad in my 20’s
19 – I’m super fussy about my coffee and can’t drink it if it isn’t exactly “perfect”
20 – It’s my birthday in a few weeks!!!