by | Sep 19, 2005

Hahaha – if you go to it’s a mega xtian bible site not lesbian porn!!! (which is onourbacksmag for those interested…)

In other news I did a session wearing jeans and a t-shirt today! Such a change from my usual fetish glamour!

It was with a lovely sub I’ve been seeing for a long time – I was running a couple of minutes late and answered the door in my “civvies” – he said he liked what I was wearing and could I do the session like that! Goodness….

While we do the session in the dungeon – he’s someone who prefers a natural look to fetish wear, so I usually wear a nice business suit or pretty dress… but not something quite so casual as jeans and a baby pink t-shirt with a teddy bear on it!

I found watching myself in the mirror quite amusing – a big contrast between the cane in my hand and my innocent appearance 😉

Session itself was fabulous – it started with a slow stripping off – as he was strapped and caned through jeans, then underpants and finally on the bare – before being sent in for a shower and reporting back…

Happy happy 😀

Oh – and I saw my cute podiatrist today… she’s buffed my feet to lovely smoothness once again and in particular takes out the hard skin on the edges of my big toes that I think is caused by extreme stiletto pressure 😉

Now I just need to re-paint my nails as I hate the sight of them bare…. natural nails are all well and good (some of the time), but I can’t stand unvarnished toes!