Annoying things

by | Sep 16, 2005

Hmm – remember how I bought those sexy pale pink shoes on ebay? Well at the same time I bought a pair of boots for myself – they still haven’t arrived! Bah… I’ve contacted the seller and “the boots are in the mail” – though that doesn’t explain why they’ve taken two weeks or more longer than the other people did… Not recommended at all!

Sessions have been fun and also a little mixed to be honest… I don’t usually have too much trouble with people topping from the bottom – but the other day I had someone in the middle of session telling me, “now say ‘I’m going to blah blah” and then “stroke my bottom, like that – that’s right” – ergggh – I stopped the session and said “look – I think we should just do half an hour, I’ll give you the rest of the money back” but he promised to stop telling me what to do – so I continued – and so did he!

Aggghhh – I really don’t mind people letting me know what does and doesn’t work for them – particularly in sessions which aren’t so Mistress/slave oriented (like a spanking session) – however the negotiation takes place at the beginning! He also tried to manipulate and control me, but I’m too experienced to be manipulated into doing stuff I don’t want to….

Other sessions have been more fun of course – and I’ve got one of my “girls” coming in tomorrow which is always great!

Oh – and I did the “are you a born submissive” meme that’s going around and came up 1% submissive – hehehehe – guess that explains why mr-top-from-the-bottom drove me so mad!