by | Sep 12, 2005

I wrote a post and x-journal ate it 🙁

I was saying that my current chastity slaves have joined – as have some other folk – cause of course it’s not Ms Servalan’s chastity slaves – but anyone who’s interested in chastity…. it would be cool if a few more girls joined who were interested in teasing any of the chaste men there – cause it’s not so much fun if they’re not suffering!

What else – had a fun session today – cross dressing with someone new – I think he was pleasantly surprised by the large array of cool stuff I have 😉 particularly having sexy shoes in a size 14…

I’m bidding on some large size school shoes (cute little mary janes) – as I’ve never really liked putting my “school girls” in slutty shoes… oh – and some frilly white ankle socks to go with them!