Day Off!

by | Sep 9, 2005

I took a day off today – I slept in and then went to the movies with timling

We saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!

It was very very strange – fabulous and funny – but very strange…

I never liked the Willy Wonka movie – I was too big a fan of the original Roald Dahl book to enjoy it… it seemed to skip a lot of the key bits in a way. Well the Tim Burton version certainly doesn’t – it’s very dark, just like the book… and manages to introduce some new elements without changing the dahlness 🙂

What else – took the dog for a walk, bought some groceries…

My elbows are sore today – I would have suspected too much caning (is there such a thing as too much caning you ask!) but it’s both of them, not just the right… I’m wondering if it’s from picking up Miss Fleur in session last night – I guess I should leave the whole “lift and carry” thing to the real amazon dommes (like goddessamazon in fact).

The session was great though – the sub and I have seen each other a lot and were both in a silly sort of “what shall we do now” mood – so I called up Miss Fleur on the off-chance she would be available and she was! Yay – I made them play with each other, then tied them into compromising positions together… hehehe it was very fun!

A big happy birthday to wise1sush – hope you have a fantastic night! Sorry not to make it – I’m feeling a lazy need to stay home and veg out with a nice glass of red 🙂 I promise to make it up another time….