Mistress Serena!!!

by | Sep 17, 2005

I’m sure many people who read this diary would remember my good friend Mistress Serena… she worked at Salon Kittys for many years, retiring from professional domination about 18 months ago – but certainly not from kinky life!!!

Anyway – a female friend of hers has asked her to demonstrate to a male would-be-slave just what it takes to please a real Mistress… by having him watch a professional session where Mistress Serena totally dominates a slave.

So – Mistress Serena has agreed to come out of retirement to show him what’s what!

Any of her old slaves would be ideal – as I’m sure they know the sort of activities she loves! Of course anyone else who wants a chance to submit to her and is interested in corporal punishment and humiliation is welcome to apply…

The male will be hooded and will “watch from the sidelines” only – there will be no interaction with him.

For those who don’t know – Mistress Serena is a stunning lifestyle and professional Mistress with over 5 years experience. She was always Salon Kitty’s most glamorous Mistress, with a vast wardrobe of latex from the worlds best fetish designers, waist length blonde hair and a petite yet curvy size 8 figure. Don’t be fooled though – she specialises in humiliation and discipline and can reduce a grown man to a grovelling mess in seconds!

Anyone interested in seeing her should contact me by email or phone (0404 654 774) first and I will organise further contact with her.

Oh – and in meme land….
You are the Abuse Clerk. You dish out verbal abuse all day long...as long as the customer keeps paying. AAH, what satisfying work!
You are the Abuse Clerk! You dish out verbal (and
some physical!) abuse all day long…as long as
the customer keeps payin’! Aaah…such
satisfying work!

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