New clothes!

by | Sep 26, 2005

Well my latest lot of slutty clothing for my cross-dressers arrived today… I am not the proud owner of an incredibly slutty red pvc mini-dress and a very cute Bunny-girl outfit complete with ears and fluffy tail!

I’m really looking forward to dressing up some sluts!

Of course not all my “girls” are sluts, and I recently got a couple of pairs of shoes for the more ladylike! Both Mary-janes, one is a pair of low heeled pair perfect for any naughty boys needing petticoat discipline, the other are the cutest pink and black two-tone ones that I think will look wonderful for more ladylike outfits 😉 well until I discover the slutty lingerie underneath!

In other news I had a meeting today with a subversive film maker who’s putting together a very amusing little thing… I’m shooting tomorrow and have enlisted kellilasub as my crash-test subbie… should be very fun.