Rainy and lazy….

by | Sep 16, 2005

Well two friends of mine are doing their first show at Hellfire – and I’m staying at home watching tv and drinking red wine… some friend I am!

Today was very good – I’m now in a very good mood – thanks to a certain “girl” of mine I had a lot of fun with – I even split the seam on my slutty lace-front pvc dress – it has lacing up the front – but a modesty panel – HA – what slut needs a modesty panel!!! So I attacked it with nail scissors 😀 Much better!

Then we adjourned to the dungeon for some time on the sling – hehehehe – I hardly ever use it – but it was well worth the couple of minutes to set up as I “ran the rack” of dildoes (in the reasonable sizes, I left the monsters on the shelf!) and really enjoyed the play time 😉 Poor slave begged to be allowed release a couple of times – but I wasn’t ready until he’d been well stretched 😀

So all grumpiness from the last day or so was allayed….

And then!

My friend serpentine_kiss who such a talented photographer came in to be a model for a photoshoot – I did some art director/stylist stuff with armbinder, blindfold, leg spreader etc etc 😉 such a trial having a cute naked girl around….

Now the theory was that I was to go to Hellfire tonight as my friends Princess and Angel were doing a show – but I got a bit cold and lazy – so decided to stay home instead!

Oh – and remember those boots I was complaining about last night?

They arrived today!!!

It’s all good 😀