School’s in!

by | Sep 9, 2005

Well I have been very busy the last few days – including several Headmistress sessions – I guess a new Paddles advertisement will help with that 😉

One of the “naughty boys” had to take an Australian geography test (he was from the UK) – hehehe – I hope he’ll remember the capital cities now! He also had a spelling test – sadly I think his spelling actually got worse after I caned the correct spellings into his bottom – hmmm – and I thought everyone could spell accommodation 😉 though mendacious I will admit is a little harder!

Lots of fun today – including some full weight head standing from a lovely trample slave…. sigh – so much fun.

I also had one of my regular bondage subs in – so for a change we brought in Miss Fleur and made her make all the decisions! Hehehe – she was charming and fun as always – phew!