by | Oct 4, 2005

Well that was a fun weekend!

Of course the ball was wonderful 😉 I caught up with lots of friends – danced, look pretty hot, and even had someone ask my friend “is that Mistress Servalan”? eep – I was dancing in disguise I thought!

Earlier in the day I had seen a lovely person who’s mostly a Top, but who sometimes enjoys experiencing the other side of the flogger from time to time… we had a lot of fun and discovered that he’s very vulnerable to vibrations 😉 – hehehehe

He returned on Monday morning with his sub in tow to subject her to some similar torments to what I’d put him through – I suspect they both had a lot of fun!

I have a lot of respect for Masters who take the time to explore as do many of the professional and lifestyle submissive women I know – there is such a difference when someone has some experience in both areas…

Later on Monday my friend Mistress Serena had a session! She was very excited – it’s one of her first sessions back – and afterwards she nearly floated down the street she was so happy! I suspect her slave was in the same position after submitting to her 😉 she’s such a very glamorous Mistress – all that shiny black latex and shiny blonde hair!

I was still happy to have my weekend off – so I didn’t have my phone turned on – instead I sat in the backyard reading a fashion magazine and drinking a beer while Mistress Serena tormented her sub…

Hehehe – such a hard life!