by | Oct 13, 2005

Damn – maybe I caught insomnia off badpauly…. I spent ages tossing and turning and then decided just to get up and play poota for a while in hopes that would make me sleepy….

Instead I’ve been sniggering – stupid people and fireplay don’t mix no really – they don’t! Pinched from mssaskia

Though I did meet a very cool lady at a society of Janus sampler night in SF who was teaching fireplay – her partner had a tshirt printed with “don’t look down when your tits are on fire” – hehehehe – but I suspect it wasn’t quite like the video!

What else…

Well – I saw one of my favourite subs yesterday – it was very very good 😀 there was bondage, there was my new fun whirly cock bondage thing, there was a lack of proper attention to peg numbers followed by cane strokes – there was even some needles and floss… I was very happy 🙂

This morning (in ergh – not that many hours) I have my “naughty nephew” coming in – so I will test out my new canes on his bottom! Funny how things work, he’s not online at all so it’s not as if he read about them and then wanted to come in…