by | Oct 23, 2005

Yesterday was very social!

I saw missfleurdelys, who is back in Sydney (and is available for sessions until Nov. 6) She’s a very beautiful girl with an interest in most kinky naughtiness – fabulous at role play and in double sub sessions – but as she’s a switch – there’s always the chance of all sorts of mischief!

So anyway – fleur had a session at my dungeons yesterday so we got to hang out a bit beforehand… she’s been interstate so it was fun to catch up and hear what she’s been up to (mischief as usual!)

The Salon Kittys birthday party was fun – it was so nice to see some of my Mistress friends – particularly Mistress Mia who’s always been a mentor to me. I was only there for a short while though – just to say hello and touch base.

Then on to Hellfire!

There were a few missing faces I was hoping to see (like alphapup and Mistress Serena) – though Princess was as engaging as ever and even talked me into a t-shirt (which I’m wearing at the moment). I arrived in time to catch asrei in one of the fashion shows – she came up before and I didn’t recognise her with the fabulous green and black dreadfalls!

The fashion shows showed some interesting stuff – but to be honest I’m not a huge fan of pvc – I do have some items in my wardrobe that I love, but I’m far more likely to wear latex or leather… I personally don’t find pvc very erotic to wear in the same way….

Session today was very fun 😉

Though my sub got off quite lightly really as usually I’d bring out something nasty (cane/needles/catheter/singletail) but today I was sweet as pie – well – maybe not pie exactly – I did smack him around a bit – and there was trampling, and heel torture and some flogging…

It was all good – mmmm – I wore fully fashioned stockings for a change and even got my feet worshiped…

AND – I forgot to say that patent leather army boots are just so very wrong – but then I find the smell of Parade Gloss “appealing”…