by | Oct 27, 2005

Ergh – my silly puppy (aka the killing machine) decided to start barking and jumping around at about 6 this morning… I bribed her with lamb offcuts to settle down which worked for about 45 minutes or so…

So I’m a bit sleepy! I think a nap after my midday session is in order – I don’t want to be tired for tonight.

Mistress Servalan’s Aliases

Your movie star name: Chippies Doug
Your fashion designer name is Mistress Milan
Your socialite name is Mishmish Sydney
Your fly girl / guy name is M Ser
Your detective name is Cat PLC
Your barfly name is Tofu Shiraz
Your soap opera name is Merriwa
Your rock star name is Furry Friend Whip
Your star wars name is Mischl Sersla
Your punk rock band name is The Blah Singletail