Day off!

by | Oct 16, 2005

I’m taking a day off today – I’ve turned off my phone and am going to veg around…

ms_coral posted this link on Max Fisch some very odd Japanese sex toys

Yesterday was good – I did an extended session that was mostly talking and trying stuff out – the sub is someone I’ve known about for a while, he used to see various Mistresses at Salon Kittys over the years… I feel like a part of Sydney Mistress history now 😉

Still in my jammies! Which is a change as I’ve been up and at the dungeon every morning for all of last week I’d say…

There seem to be a few new Mistresses around – I have to laugh about the age that people put… I really don’t know why anyone would lie about their age in writing – or maybe she really is only two years older than I am!