Fun day!

by | Oct 5, 2005

Well I had an early birthday today with ozibootslave flying in to spend the day with me – it started off with me in a rather distracted mood – more washing machine hassles – though I think that may be finally over…

Anyway – we had a long chat and I got presents! Yay!!! Then some playtime in the dungeon – including giving him my birthday spanks – well I believe in outsourcing 😉

We then went out for the most fabulous lunch at Aria – omg – it was so fabulous! The view of course is amazing (though I have to say I think the view at Aqua Dining is even nicer) but the food was fantastic!

Especially the entrees – I was rendered speechless by mine – I think that’s one reason slut enjoys taking me out for lunch/dinner – because when it’s good I’m so very appreciative – I really love good food and the whole experience of a beautiful restaurant – such a wonderful luxury.

Returning to the dungeon I decided that a sexy Playboy Bunny was needed – and dressed slut in my newest outfit complete with enormous false eyelashes and complete bunny costume – then made him do a sexy show for me…

Too fun!