by | Oct 10, 2005

Phew – a busy couple of days and more to come – yaaay!

Yesterday I had my sissy ballerina come in for a fantastic extended session – the scenario was a “teenage {adult} boy” sent to me while his parents were overseas… I much prefer girls to boys, so he was forced to dress in feminine clothing and learn to wear full makeup…

I love full transformation – and have a really good selection of makeup from theatrical foundation to false eyelashes as well as the usual lipstick, eyeshadow, blush, highlighter etc etc to create a totally different look!

So once that was accomplished a program of docility training had to be put in place – focussing on bondage, electrical, cbt and nipple sensitisation – all very fun…

Once I was sure that my sissy was totally subdued, it was time for ballet lessons to learn the finer feminine arts!

I had a special ballet teacher come in to assist – and it was wonderful to watch sissy go through a range of exercises…. once “she” was warmed up it was time for more severe positions – with rope to hold the elegant poses! Very sexy – she ended up being rewarded with attention from the vibrator when she was totally suspended!

Today I had several sessions 🙂

The first was with one of my rubber sluts – he was totally entranced to be encased in my new latex catsuit – layered of course with stockings, gloves and hood – and cinched in nice and tight with a corset! It was a sexy session with my rubber slut – ending with him in the latex vac bed… very very fun!

The next was a classic domestic discipline session with one of my female bottoms – this time she was a scullery maid who’d been getting into the cooking sherry – and then was discovered with stolen jewelry hidden on her person!!!

She ended up with a well caned bottom – it was either that or be sent out onto the streets with no reference – in danger of becoming a fallen woman!

A couple of errands to run and I was back at the dungeon for my maid kellilasub‘s training session… today was maid and deportment training – after enjoying my latex session so much, I decided to turn kelli into a totally encased latex maid – and then gave “her” some chores including scrubbing the dungeon floor from corner to corner – I mop with disinfectant after each session, but it needs a full scrub to get into the dusty also and that was kelli’s job today.

Of course there was lots of deportment training in between times – and even a chance to demonstrate those hard won foot massage skills!